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New: Hahnemühle Merchandise

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  1. Bone Folder

    Our Hahnemühle bone folder, which is made of bamboo is ideal for removing indidivual sheets from a block without pulling down the paper. It’s sustainable, resilient and strong. 


    Made of bamboo • Length: 15,5cm • Ideal for removing individual sheets from blocks

  2. Foldback Clip

  3. Hahnemühle Gloves

    Hahnemühle gloves are the perfect utensil when printing out your artwork. They protect the paper from oils, dirt and finger prints.


    White • With Hahnemühle Logo • One Size

  4. Painting Apron

    This Hahnemühle painting apron is an eye catcher wherever you wear it. It’s functional and will protect your clothes from paints and spills.


    Approx. 88x67 cm • Reusable • With Hahnemühle Logo

  5. Ballpoint Pen

    The Hahnemühle ballpoint pen provides smooth and easy writing without ink leaking or dropping. You will experience a better writing experience since the ink is fast drying and won’t smear. The pen is comfortable to hold in your hand due to it’s smooth texture.


    Ink colour: blue • easy writing • With Hahnemühle Logo 

  6. Bamboo Cup

  7. Glass Jar

    This Hahnemühle Glass Jar would look beautiful in your store or at home. Filled with mini ZigZag books or your brushes, this glass could be a real highlight.


    Environmentally friendly • Engraved Logo • Ideal for storing items


  8. Scented Candle

    Discover the Hahnemühle Scented Candle. The candle's elegant design is a little highlight in your home and is a must have if you're an artist. 


    Soft cotton fragrance • Elegant design • Burning time approx. 8 hours

Grid List

Items 1-9 of 11

Set Descending Direction