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Turner 300gsm Cold Pressed Block 30x40cm x 10 Sheets

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This high quality mould-made watercolour board is lignum free, extremely age resistant and internally and surface sized.
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The "Turner" is a High quality, 100% cotton 300gsm, Mould-made watercolour paper. The Blocks are glued and Gauzed on all four sides, ensuring flatness when wet. "Turner" is suitable for all wet painting techniques; watercolour, lavis, gouche, tempera and acrylic. The soft, irregular cold pressed surface is ideal for professional Artists. The Board is acid and lignum free, making it extremely resistant to aging.
More Information
EAN Number 4011367281366
Paper Weight 300gsm (140lbs)
Format Block
Bullet Point Short Description
  • 300 gsm / 140 lbs
  • 100% Cotton
  • Cold Pressed
  • Internally Sized
  • Blocks of 10 Sheets

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