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Work with Hahnemühle Watercolour Book Example by Instagram User @dearannart
“Anna” - Toned Watercolour Book

A quick sketch of a dreamy landscape in a new Toned Watercolour Book of Hahnemühle UK. Such a pleasure to paint in this sketchbook.

Toned Watercolour Book Beige A5
Toned Watercolour Book Beige A5

Hahnemühle’s Toned Watercolour Book contains 60 pages 14 x 14cm of finest watercolour paper. Matched to the requirements of watercolour painting, it is a must for all creatives who don’t want to miss the texture of classic watercolour paper on the go. The 200gsm watercolour paper has a fine grain surface on both sides and due to the surface sizing, colours can be effortlessly lifted from the paper.

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